Take the Step. Quit Drugs Now.

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Children are curious creatures. They come into this world not knowing anything. Everything they do and say is because they learned it somewhere.

Whether they learned their words and behavior from a family member, the television or observing a neighbor across the street, they learned it somewhere. A child’s biggest influence will always be you, their parent. If they see you eat green beans, they will be more likely to eat green beans, too. If they see you read a book, they will be more likely to read a book, too.Additional information can be found at < Read more…

Stay Smart. Stay Away from Gangs. It’s Not Worth the Trouble.

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Did you know that, as of August, 2011, about 400,000 of the 1 million gang members in the U.S. were juveniles under 18? About 360,000 of these were boys and 32,000 were girls.

Joining a gang, no matter your reasons, just isn’t worth it. Gangs and gang members get involved in crime, such as drug trafficking, money laundering and murder. Those who commit these crimes are caught and they wind up spending years behind bars. They are separated from family members and friends who never got involved in gangs.Check out this link